Cures for common illnesses are right outside!

My wife and daughter both had a fever and weren’t up to traveling the 30+ miles into town. Natural remedies are outside for the picking, but what do I need and how do I make them?

Mother Nature provides all-natural cures and remedies for many of our common illnesses. The Lost Book of Remedies (LBOR) has the exact plants and recipes needed to cure a fever, infection or headache and they are right outside!

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The best part about her natural bounty is that:

The Lost Book of Remedies” was written for common folk in basic terms. It will allow you to turn your backyard or wilderness plants into painkillers, antibiotics and many more forgotten, but highly effective, remedies.

LBOR expects you to have minimal plant knowledge and includes color pictures for each medicinal plant, weed or tree in North America to easily identify them.

If you want to improve your health, get back to nature, prepare for disaster when no doctors are available or avoid the “pop-a-pill” syndrome, I urge you to get “The Lost Book of Remedies” TODAY and put it to use.

Your body and health will improve using the natural remedies and cures it provides along with Mother Nature’s help!

PS: the other book to survive in the wilderness or if the SHTF is Dr. Joe Alton’s Survival Medicine manual. He covers broken bones, dental, wound care and minor surgery that natural cures won’t heal.

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