Extreme Weather Shelter and Scoop Stove

I came across this YouTube video of a regular survival contributor who built a simple survival shelter that should withstand most extreme weather conditions including cold weather.

It is NOT going to take on all that Mother Nature can dish out, but will allow you to survive. We all know that isn’t truly possible if you are in the wild, but this shelter gives you a chance.

This assumes you have some basic tools and supplies – machete/chopper blade, 100’+ cordage, 100′ paracord, tarp and moving blanket (tiny holes!). Carabiners and tent clips are a good idea as well!

There is a bonus piece of where he uses his scoop tool as a prop to build a small campsite cooking stove. I need to find that online…and used pyropac gel as fire source. Don’t forget the oatmeal and coffee!

While this shelter is only meant for one person, the basic design could be done one the ground with additional limbs and cordage. In cold climes, the heat retention may suffer, but more bodies overcomes that.

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