Scouting Knots…and much more!

Knots of all types!

Occasionally I’ll come across a site with really cool, simple knowledge that is worth posting. Well here is one…

This Scouting Knots page is not strictly for scouts. Most of them are derived from sailors and their extraordinary ingenuity to secure ships rigging and lash down cargo.

The image has a small selection of whats available and each one has an animated video on how to tie it. You will want to get out a piece of paracord before clicking as practice is how you perfect knot tying!

There is a great section on what knot to use and a bit of reference section to teach the ins and outs of knot usage. I have to apologize for not knowing more of these, but have not had the sailing experience or need to tie down the multitude of objects these knots cover.

Start with a few simple ones and work your way up like I did. Most likely, you will settle in with a couple that you use regularly. Tach your family, friends and co-workers (if needed) how to tie them so you all approach it the same way.

Good luck and give Greg kudos for putting this terrific Scouting Knots resource together for preppers, campers and survivalists like us!

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