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Natural Medicine or Big Pharma?

It seems like I start every day tossing back pill after pill…is this what my body needs? When I think of all of the chemicals…what are they doing to me? Am I helping or just creating more issues like: 🚫 Digestive problems 🚫 Persistent joint pain 🚫 Dry, scaly skin that heals slowly from minor […]

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Natural remedies can cure most illnesses!!

What do you do when your baby girl and wife are coughing, congested and weak plus we are 40 miles from the nearest doctor? I can’t let them get worse or, even scarier… ❌ Their fevers go higher… ❌ Pneumonia or other disease sets in… ❌ I catch it too and we are all helpless… […]

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Cures for common illnesses are right outside!

My wife and daughter both had a fever and weren’t up to traveling the 30+ miles into town. Natural remedies are outside for the picking, but what do I need and how do I make them? Mother Nature provides all-natural cures and remedies for many of our common illnesses. The Lost Book of Remedies (LBOR) […]

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