Natural Medicine or Big Pharma?

It seems like I start every day tossing back pill after pill…is this what my body needs?

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When I think of all of the chemicals…what are they doing to me? Am I helping or just creating more issues like:

🚫 Digestive problems

🚫 Persistent joint pain

🚫 Dry, scaly skin that heals slowly from minor cuts

🚫 Low energy and muscle weakness

🚫 See-saw blood pressure

I knew I had to change this pill-for-every-ill routine, so I started looking for natural treatments and guess what…

I found The Lost Book of Remedies with simple treatments right from nature!

Natural health remedies

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The Lost Book of Remedies is written for common folks, like me, with no previous knowledge of natural medicines. It has lots of photos plus step-by-step instructions that showed me how to use common plants to take care of myself.

There are some real surprises like what common weeds (dandelions are a pain killer?) can do! 🌱

After gathering herbs from my garden, seedlings from nearby woods and spices like capsaicin online, I was able to make my own natural treatments. I have a very active garden and knew many of the plants, but was not aware of their medicinal value. 

Now I can wean myself from the high-priced pharmaceuticals while seeing meaningful improvements in my health. Instead of waiting for a pill to kick in, I can’t wait to:

✅  Get my cholesterol down enough to go off my medication

✅  Tossing my pills for my nagging joint pain

✅  Keeping my blood pressure in a normal range

✅  Having the energy & strength to enjoy family activities again

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If I hadn’t found The Lost Book of Remedies, I’d still be shuffling from doctor appointments to the pharmacy, testing lab to the hospital, MRI to surgery or worse… 😵

The Lost Book of Remedies

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My story is simple: I found natural treatments for most common ailments in The Lost Book of Remedies and I STRONGLY urge you to get yours. It changed my outlook on health treatments so much that I will never give it up. Get yours NOW! 

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