Will Your Preparedness Measures Ever Come In Useful During Your Lifetime?

Have you ever gotten to put your prepper skills to use? If yes, how often? Do you think all the measures you took with survival in mind will come in useful during your lifetime?


“All the measures”? I hope not “all”, because that would mean we will have entered a very bad time indeed. Some of my preparedness measures are reserved for a time of true SHTF. However I do not look forward to utilizing those measures. That said, it’s good to have ‘measures’, like an insurance policy – just in case.

If I change the question to “some” instead of “all”, then certainly yes. That’s part of the lifestyle aspect of survivalism / preparedness.

For example, on the most basic of levels (long term food storage), I try to rotate some of these extra foods. In other words, consume them and then replace with fresh. This reduces the eventual shelf life issue – which varies depending on what it is. That said, some of my foods are purely reserved for the long term and will probably not be opened unless needed.

The word “measures” pretty much implies anything and everything that you might have done with regards to preparedness. Some of my own measures are integrated into my daily life while other measures are kind of kept on the shelf so to speak.

I guess that I have a balance of tangible measures in a sense. Some I may use on occasion, others not so much.



Have I ever put my prepper skills to use? Sure. Some of them are used regularly. I suppose it gets into one’s definition of prepper skills, which is a pretty broad category in my view.

I tend to look at “prepper skills” as practical, hands-on skills. Those associated with many different aspects of survival ranging from bushcraft, basic first aid, gardening, canning, carpentry & trades, proficiency with firearms, alternative energy, and a zillion other things that could be tied-in with self sufficiency and self reliance.

– I garden every year and try to learn from my mistakes (which I seem to make every year). So I do use that prepper skill regularly.

– Mrs.J and I also do our share of home canning – some from the garden, some from good deals at the grocery store. I love the home canning concept because storage requires no external power source for long term food storage – an important prepper skill and food preservation technique!

– Cooking from scratch, milling our own flour from wheat berries, solar oven bread, lots of people today cannot even do the most basic of food preparation. So knowing “how to” and utilizing these prepper kitchen skills on occasion is useful. Sometimes it’s a good idea to bring out the hand grain mill 😉 (for example, Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill)



– Over the years of my life I have learned (some of them self taught) many trade type skills which I sometimes use in my every-day life – some associated with prepping and preparedness. Electronics & electricity (schooled and on-the-job training), electro-mechanical skills (on-the-job training), plumbing, carpentry, and other handyman related abilities.

– These skills have enabled me to build an off-grid solar power system for where I currently live (although I also have grid). I view this as a highly useful capability for preparedness sake.

– Skills have enabled me to build a small 36×26 barn all by myself, even with a loft! (except for concrete slab – too much work…). I can store some of my preps and other things, have a small shop, and a sort of man-cave… It would also provide shelter if needed in the future for additional people.

– Other skills combined have helped me to save money by “doing it yourself”, and they will also help in the future to adapt and overcome many situations if they arise.

– My basic bushcraft skills will help me if I’m ever in a jam off of the mainstream so to speak. I’m no bushcraft expert – but I can start a fire by different methods, build a shelter, navigate through terrain… Knowing the basics instills confidence while out in the woods, wherever that may be.

– I practice with my firearms on occasion. My property is large enough such that I have my own makeshift range. The practicality of these skills could be applied to hunting or self defense measures. Very important in my estimation.

We each have our own areas of interest and we probably have unique skill sets in those areas. It’s sometimes a good thing to force yourself to learn a new one – especially if it’s practical for preparedness.


Will They Come In Useful During Our Lifetimes?

Yes. Because we should integrate some of our preparedness into our way of life.

The question though might instead pertain to the probability of “use-case scenarios”. In other words, will the events that you are preparing for ever come to fruition during your lifetime?

Obviously that gets into the reasons why you and I may ‘prepare’. Sometimes these reasons shift as time goes on, due to events of the times we’re living in.

Currently my primary concerns include financial economic breakdown or collapse to an extent that becomes very disruptive to supply and distribution of goods and services.

When Resupply Breaks Down

Additionally, I am highly concerned about the present socio-political direction within the United States and the fact that we are so terribly divided ideologically. We may face troubling times ahead. Why? Because this nation is under attack from within. We are currently amidst the battle – although it has not gone tectonic yet.

More: How Much Worse Does It Have To Get Before You Act?

There are many additional reasons that motivate me to prep. Some of them even more severe than I’ve listed (although hopefully less probable) and others are much less severe but more likely to occur.



Do I think that any of the major reasons will happen during my lifetime? Actually I do. The biggest unknown is the severity. However I try to prepare for the worst, without it being all consuming. I do what I can, and am not fearful. Concerned, yes. Sometimes highly concerned. Afraid, no.

I hit 1,000 words. I wonder if I even answered the question? 😉

Can you answer the question? But don’t use 1,000 words!

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