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Legacy emergency freeze-dried foods

Legacy Premium has leapt to the forefront of the freeze-dried, long-term food storage market with their high quality + larger quantity versus the other brand names.

Legacy Premium has pre-packaged groups from a modest 16 serving family entre’ pack up to bucket size 720+ servings. They also have the best feature set including free shipping and up to 25-year shelf life. Legacy provides:

  •  Free Shipping on all orders (contiguous USA)
  •  Freeze dried ready meals
  •  Larger serving sizes
  • Lowest food cost per pound
  •  Voted Best Tasting
  •  Up to 25-year shelf life
  • Gluten-free options

Family size buckets ready to ship!

Legacy also provides drink mixes, bug out emergency kits, portable cooking fuel, water filtration, solar power and even seed starter mixes to re-build your fresh food sources.

Don’t forget about some of the smallest members of your family…your cats and dogs! For many of us, pets are like children and having emergency supplies for them is an absolute must. Legacy has created a couple of pet relief options, both basic and deluxe, for your littlest family members!

Plus their products are non-GMO, have gluten-free options and all are made in the USA. Don’t miss out on their sale by clicking below!

Legacy Food Storage

Tap HERE to choose the best value in survival foods today!

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