Secure Your Food & Water Supply for under $500!

You have read the stories from other countries (hello Venezuela!) and know there is one thing that most modern agronomies cannot do without – electricity. So what happens to you and yours when the next disaster hits and food and water are scarce?

Just think what happens to our food and water supply if there is no refrigeration:

🚫 Eggs, cheese and dairy are fouled within days

🚫 Fruit spoils in 10 days

🚫 Meat and seafood go bad within days unless they are smoked

🚫 Grains and dry produce – a month or less

🚫 Fresh water – not coming from your tap after seven to fourteen days

Where can you get the food and water that your family needs to survive?

With a major disaster, the government will not be able to support everyone…remember Katrina and The Superdome? The big food companies have tightened up their supply chains so much that there is only enough to cover a 1-2 weeks at any given time unless ships and trains are still coming into port.

There will be chaos with scarce resources being the king of the hill 😲

So what is the easiest and inexpensive solution? What if I showed you how to:

✅ Store food without refrigeration

✅ Amass enough water for months

✅ Hide from the inevitable looters or government “re-allocation of resources”

✅ Duck and cover from severe weather or a nuclear event

With the plans for an Easy Cellar, you can build the survival storehouse to keep you and your loved ones alive no matter what happens in the outside world. These thoroughly modern techniques had been used for hundreds of years. With modern building materials, your own cellar can feed and conceal  your family for weeks or months.

There are plenty of scenarios, but just imagine knowing:

➡️An ingenious method to store large quantities of water

➡️ You do not need constant electricity to maintain fresh food

➡️ The 75 items needed to maintain a healthy cellar

➡️ The correct ways to store food, ammo, weapons and shelter materials

➡️ How to filter the air to keep out biologic, chemical and radioactive contaminants

If we had not built our cellar and shelter using Easy Cellar plans, we would be vulnerable to everything from severe weather to a rogue nation deciding it was time to impose their values on our world. I couldn’t imagine seeing my children starve, supplies looted or worse…

That’s why I strongly suggest you get the Easy Cellar plans so you can build a place large enough to sustain you and your family from the disasters of both men and nature. You will be able to rest comfortably knowing there is a secure place and resources for all of those you care for!

Click HERE or on the image below to learn more about how you can build a functioning cellar for under $500.

Cellar doors
Cellar doors… though yours won’t be so obvious!

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